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third moodboard’s the charm right??


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finding the creepiest of the internet gifs, still relevant

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name: lilly

age: twenty2

timezone: this question is way too hard. but. central, maybe.

favorite superhero: batman - i just read a list on the internet that agreed with me so it must be true. buuut the teen titans are really hip too.

favorite villain: since batman is my only main favorite comic, i’ll just stick with ya know, the scarecrow, harley <3<3<3, and the joker duh.

if you had a superpower, what would it be?: really good at throwing shade

fun facts about yourself: I GOT TICKETS TO KANYEEEEE just now, so i may not be alive when the site opens. i may die of excitement

Anonymous asked:

WOW @ tumblrdatinggame(.)com WTF is this.. my little brother's roommate is on this and I think I saw you too lol

uh whuut?

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